I’m OK, You’re OK Even If You’re Not

Recently, the facts that I do the following in my Paleo Lifestyle Design have garnered some national attention.  All of which I’m happy to address.

-I supplement, daily

-I developed the term ‘Paleo Lifestyle Design

-I developed Pareto’s Paleo Principal

-I think ‘Idiocracy‘ is a horror flick

I supplement because, like you, I don’t always eat what I feel I should for a variety of reasons.  A liquid multi-vitamin, some handy protein powder, a little BCAA appropriately timed?  Yes, that’s me.  I know Grok didn’t have some of the cool things I did, but I’m enjoying them in a healthy way.

The other things?  All I’ve done is place labels on the things most people are doing anyway.  I’m not the first.  That’s important.  I’ll tell you why…

Also, and for purposes of transparency, let me disclose that my other job outside Dear Paleo is that of a Marketer.  I sell stuff for a living by using words.

“Poets, Priests & Politicians have words to think for their positions….” ~Sting

So let’s look at Paleo Lifestyle Design as something it is:  Consumption & Survival as one in the same.  We’re finding out that “You are what you eat” is not only true, it’s generally a predictor of what lies ahead for you.

Eat SH#$, pretty soon you’re going to feel, act, and be SH#$.

It’s guaranteed, all around as and should be added to the new edict:  The only things in life guaranteed are death & taxes…and the ability to manage ones own health.  Add to that, “When you got your health, you’ve got everything.” You can see simple logic is everything Einstein said it was:  “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

If a Paleo Diet revolves around anything you can kill, grow, or happen on naturally, isn’t that then simplicity?

Now, add human order and Orwell’s tale from the pig pen…

We’re taught from Day One everything gets a label.  Its how we define things.  We’re taught to call this ‘that’ and that ‘this’.  Then, depending on the people who surrounded you most, what you see in the mirror is what you’re stuck with.  That is, until you understand a simple truth of Paleo Lifestyle Design…  You just need to start the process of moving in the direction of a Paleo Diet.

The fact that somebody else has a different opinion on how this should be accomplished, by edict, path, belief, rule-set, religion, pair of shoes, thought process…does not alarm me or cause concern. I actually celebrate it.  When that same mindset starts to appear more and more in everyday life, you start looking around and noticing that from the popular media to your local restaurant, Paleo Lifestyle Design is all around us.  It starts to get exciting.

Like religion, Paleo Lifestyle Design depends on the hundreds of voices out there who, like Dreyfuss in Close Encounters, were drawn towards a movement in which a chorus of voices all are singing the same song, just their own way, and generally through the subconscious mind.


You’re also smart.  The logic of eating foodstuffs that aren’t altered or modified makes perfect sense…you know it does.  So pick a voice out there and tune into what they have to say.  We’re all saying basically the same thing, and that’s a good thing.

Robb Wolf touched on this in a late September post this year:

“In simple terms the paleo diet is built from modern foods that (to the best of our ability) emulate the foods available to our pre-agricultural ancestors: Meat, fish, fowl, vegetables, fruits, roots, tubers and nuts. On the flip-side we see an omission of grains, legumes and dairy. As this is directed to folks new to the paleo diet idea we need to address the “What Abouts.” This is the seemingly endless list of ingredients that folks ask: “What about artificial sweeteners, agave nectar, red wine…” In simple terms, if it’s not meat, fish, fowl, vegetables, fruits, roots tubers or nuts…it’s a “no-go.” At least initially. I like to see people go after paleo strictly in the beginning so we get the best possible results, then folks can tinker from there. I’ve detailed all of this information in my FAQ shopping and food guide, and quick start guides. These are all available for free (you do not need to buy the book to get any of the information) and it details all of the special considerations of autoimmunity, fat loss, athletic performance and muscle gain.

In addition to food we like to consider things like sleep, stress and vit-d levels (for a short list) as a move away from ancestral norms appears to be very important when we are concerned about performance, health and longevity.

For a little overview of different “takes” on the paleo diet check out my good friend Dr. Dan Pardi who did a great, brief overview of 5 different paleo diet approaches.”

SO we’re all searching.  We’re all OK.  We all would like to be better, and we’re all a bit sick of being told one thing only to find out some bastard has been pulling our strings for profit, industry, position or influence.  When you dispose of trying to get people to pay you, your goals change.  Don’t they?

There needs to be a Paleo Portal to aggregate these voices for the throngs asking the questions about Paleo Lifestyle Design.  I’m about to launch it…

itsPALEO is Coming

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  • Dear PALEO, excuse me if this is a bit off the subject, but… This will make any

    person angry: Diets really make you add pounds over time which has turned out to be more and more evident in the weight problems epidemic that\\\\\\\’s

    hurting this processed food, little physical activity generation. Are you concerned that arena seating need to be increased to help support the rise in peoples growing, ahem…girth? It indicates that we are transforming into a much bigger place (and never in some good way) of individuals than we have ever have in the past and that is essentially before twenty years only. Our children suffer the pain of excessive weight related

    circumstances by way of example having diabetes and also heart related illnesses.

    Someone said that during a research project 70

    chubby Western youngsters inside the age range of 6 to 19 were actually subjected to

    several battery of checks to observe

    the effect that the food intake packed

    with fat had on their younger bodies. The outcomes have been eye opening. All was cursed with

    high cholesterol levels and also were within the high-risk group of acquiring heart disease and heart failure which

    several people were already demonstrating indication of.

    Could there be virtually any hope

    for everybody? I believe the answer is indeed. Apparently

    virtually all we end up needing is without a doubt plenty of exercise and diet. We pretty much

    all really need to get started with get started Right away!

    • You are so right with your comment, “…all we end up needing is without a doubt plenty of exercise and diet.” Paleo is a way of eating, a diet. Marketers have led us to believe the word ‘diet’ needs to come with a label. Paleo does not. It’s eating what your body was genetically coded to do. That’s all. Don’t eat fake food, processed food, sugar, dairy, legumes, wheat. While that sounds like a tall order, its only a behavioral change. And, you’re right again, start right away. Visit http://www.itsPALEO.com for support.

  • Ken:

    Brawndo, It’s what plants need!

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