Paleo Diet Flowchart

This image is something I’d love to claim as mine, but alas, it is not.  It is a random gem from an online community of Paleo Lifestyle Design to which I could give accolades a plenty for the image is simplicity in chalk.

I’m only sharing to spread the word and have you all click that image to receive a Paleo Recipe A Day in your Inbox that follows this Paleo Diet Flowchart.  If you know who made this, please let me know so we can give the proper attribution.

Speaking of A Paleo Recipe A Day, have you used the SEARCH on for finding recipes particular to the ingredients you have?  Honestly, this is the coolest Paleo Moment Of 2012 So Far.  Let’s say you only have CHICKEN, APPLES, and OLIVES in your icebox.  No problem for itsPALEO.  Search that way and you’ll have more than 250 recipes for those ingredients!!!  It’s so cool.

If this isn’t enough to guide your Nutrition Planning, stop by any Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store in the country.  They’ve an Education Center in every location, specifically set aside for building Nutrition Plans specifically to your needs.  The help at Max Muscle are 3rd party Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach’s, not some clerk at minimum wage.  They back what they present with a $25,000 Grand Prize too…check it out!

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