The Movement and Paleo Lifestyle Design

Let’s spend a few minutes discussing ‘The Movement’.  Before you start thinking Marxist Theory, keep your eye on the ball…I’m talking about the end result of everything we usually talk about.  Defecation and its place in Paleo Lifestyle Design.

Regular readers of Dear Paleo know I’m big on defining things simply.  This article is no different and was written to give you a no-nonsense practical overview of a subject few people are comfortable talking about, however, in Paleo Lifestyle Design we talk so much about cooking and eating ‘The Movement’ deserves a little attention.

DISCLAIMER:  Some of what I have to say may be a bit explicit for some.  I’m just communicating so relax a bit, and let’s talk about dropping the kids off at the pool…

As a Marketer, and especially after making a lifestyle change some five years ago dedicated to healthy eating, I am very keen on terms used to describe benefits of a certain product.  When it comes to digestive issues south of the stomach, the term ‘regular’ is used as if we all really know what it means.  So I researched regular, spoke to several casually about ‘being regular’, and spoke to several doctors frankly about ‘regular’.

What I found is there are no set rules for being ‘regular’, but the consensus is that ‘regular’ means that the majority of people have The Movement once a day.  This varies a great deal depending on what you eat, exercise, how much you eat, and several other factors.  That covers timing.

Regular also describes appearance and texture.  While we’ve all seen The Movement in a variety of moods, the description of being ‘soft but still formed’ is key to regularity.  The size?  Roughly the size and shape of tapered sausage links.  I read more after the ‘ickey -yuckey’ phase of the subject matter passed, and I found out more than I thought I would.  For instance, did you know that a floater means your poopie has high fat content?  That a change in color – red, bright red, black, silvery white, gray or pale yellow – all are causes for health concerns ranging from hemorrhoids to a bad pancreas?

If you are what you eat, be concerned what you sheet…

Since changing to a Paleo Lifestyle Design, one of the biggest benefits was becoming regular.  I can set my watch by my movements.  I say it like this because Paleo Lifestyle Design is, as many of you have read, all about eating the way humans were designed to eat.  When you eat ‘Human Food’ as CJ Hunt says it in “In Search Of the Perfect Human Diet”, you become regular.  When you eat ‘non-Human Food’, you’re not regular and you and millions of other people suffering from poor diets then fuel the digestive medicine industry via Tums, Pepto Bismo and kinds of goodies designed to get things moving again.  Simple isn’t it?

Occasionally, I do give way to temptation and stray for a meal or two away from Paleo Lifestyle Design.  What happens?  Sure I get the sour gut, but the thing I notice most is the next day.  My regular movement is not regular.  Timing is off.  The air is fouled.

Now what?

Two things happen.  One…I quickly jump back to eating clean.  Two…I cleanse.  I really like Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s Cleanse & Lean Advanced to supplement my cleanse because it works.  Like right now it works.  By that I mean within a day Mickey’s hand is on the 12 where it should be and Dear Paleo has a smile on his face.

The Movement and Paleo Lifestyle Design are necessary bedfellows, and they coincide wonderfully if you eat the way your body is designed.  So may people I speak to in Paleo Lifestyle Design are delighted to converse about this subject and the simple fact that they too noticed the difference – in fact revel in it – that regularity brings.  It’s a body function we can regulate by eating correctly, and eating correctly doesn’t come from a marketers handbook or a big ad agency…it comes from eating the way your human body was designed to eat.  Paleo Lifestyle Design.

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  • Dane:

    Ok great and true but supplements are still not paleo! In any form.

    • In an ideal world for the conditions of the Paleo Diet, I agree with you 100%. But when you have companies that serve up supplements – Vitamin D, Multivitamin, Trace Minerals et. al. in the purest form possible, without fillers, and they can assist in reversing the damage already done…I’m in.

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